Can’t find the perfect after-school tutoring appointment time???

Let us come to you!

Designed to teach and support compensatory study strategies to students who have been identified as having atypical learning styles.

Burke Therapy recognizes that no two students learn alike. We also understand the importance of capitalizing on each individual student's dominant learning modality to deliver instruction in a way that will strengthen all learning pathways.

How can we help?

Flexible during and after school tutoring is available to meet the needs of any student in grades pre-K through 12. 

The Burke Therapy tutoring team does not teach content or specific curriculum. Rather, it uses the vehicle of homework and school assignments to enhance learning. Students receiving academic assistance generally have educational testing in the above average to average range, but require assistance with developing organizational, test-taking and study skill habits needed to meet the rigorous demands of elementary, junior, and high school, college and professional work environments.


Our team of Masters level certified educators provide one-on-one instruction in the comfort and convenience of your home, around your busy work or summer schedule. Sessions are also available online, at your local Library, or at our office location.


Whether your child needs reinforcement of concepts from the previous school year, needs help with their current curriculum, or wants to get a jump on the next school year, our team is here to help!

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