Academic Support Services 

Academic Assessments, Tutoring & Resources 

Resources for Learning 

Burke Therapy's team of Learning Specialists/Tutors are dedicated to improving student learning by offering a broad range of resources and services to the families, students, parents and surrounding private and public school communities.

Through our strong ties with several area private and public school administrative teams, we are proud to offer on-site school day one-to-one and small group academic support. Unlike other support programs, Burke Therapy's team of Certified Learning Specialists (all Learning Specialists must posses a Master's Degree in Education or Special Education) assist students with learning strategies, study methods, and, where appropriate, facilitate their accommodations within the comfort of their school day.  Our mission is to help students become more effective learners through incorporating research-based pedagogy and assessments into their school day program.

Academic Screenings & Evaluations 

When appropriate, our Learning Specialists/Tutors may request the consultative support of one of our licensed therapists to better understand your child's individual differentiations in learning. If a screen or Psycho-educational evaluation is warranted, help is provided to each parent to navigate the findings and align necessary accommodations.

Some of our study methods, learning strategies and 1:1 tutoring options available are: 

  • Math, Science, Foreign Language (Spanish), and Language Arts Tutoring

  • Strategies for reading, understanding, retention and study methods

  • Time management and organizational skills (executive function)

  • Self-advocacy techniques

  • Assistance with research paper planning

  • Classroom Educator Trained Orton-Gillingham methodology

    • OG classroom procedures provide structured, sequential, multi-sensory language and phonics instruction, including procedures for RTI implementation and progress monitoring

  • Level 1 Wilson Reading System (WRS)​

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