Executive Function Coaching

Depending on the needs of the learner, executive function coaching may be offered in an

individual or small group session.


The goal of our executive function coaching is to develop habit formation. Through a strategy based coaching model, students will acquire the tools needed for self-management and self-regulation behaviors with the end goal of achieving a broader independence necessary to functioning successfully in THEIR world now and in the future.

The design of our executive function coaching supports the following skill areas:

  • Behavior Regulation: (I.e. Inhibition of impulsive behavior; Self-monitoring behavior) 

  • Emotional Control: (I.e. Being able to shift or transition from topics efficiently; Control emotions)

  • Cognitive Regulations: Initiation of tasks; Working memory (multi-tasking, ability to hold information in short term memory); Tools for planning & organizing

As each child progresses, weekly updates and materials are shared with family members to assist in transitioning newly acquired skills into the home and school. 

Examples of some of the embedded curricula used are: 

  • Zones of Regulation 

  • Social Thinking - Michelle Garcia 

  • MindUP™ 



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