Executive Function & Study Skills Coaching

Before you can address a deficit with a specially designed tool or strategy, a true understanding of the type of deficiency the individual is experiencing is required. That is why we, at Burke Therapy, believe in using a multi-disciplinary team approach (Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Therapy) when looking to understand the strengths and needs of children, young adults, and adults with neurological disorders, autism or ADD/ADHD who are struggling with executive functions and/or study skills. Executive function is a neuropsychological concept referring to the high-level cognitive processes required to plan and direct activities, including task initiation and follow-through, working memory, sustain attention, performance monitoring, inhibition of impulses, and goal-directed persistence. 

From the moment a child begins to interact with their environment, individuals (e.g., parents, caregivers, daycare providers, and teachers) within their lives have expectations for how they will use executive skills to negotiate through their lives. While the development of these skills starts before birth, they gradually become refined over the first two decades of life. Using the knowledge and expertise of our qualified team of Occupational Therapists and/or Speech-Language Pathologists, we target the self-regulation and cognitive skills associated with behavior that is necessary to act responsibly, plan and initiate the skills needed to complete chores, life skills and academic coursework.

Sessions are offered individually or within a group setting, at our office or within your child's school setting. 


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