Calling all parents trying to juggle your work, your children's education, and life!

March was not so long ago… the governor’s order to close schools, replace in-person instruction with remote learning and, for many families, the loss of additional tutoring support services. The effects of these abrupt changes sent tidal waves through the normalcy of family dynamics.


Children who normally would be at school 8-10 hours a day, five days a week were suddenly confined to their homes and yards 24/7. The home, once seen as a refuge from the demands of a school day, quickly morphed into a pseudo-school. Parents with little to no background in education were forced to run point on their child’s learning, frantically attempting to balance the well-being and educational needs of their children, while working every day.


As we now look to the start of another uncertain school year, the team at Burke Therapy wants to help and support families with jobs who have lost the daily educational care that school normally provides.  


INTRODUCING: The Guided Learning Lab


Starting August 31, 2020, using your child’s district provided distance learning curriculum as the vehicle of instruction, our team of certified master’s level educators and tutors will begin accepting a small group of students, whose professional parents are looking for help managing their virtual classroom assignments and education demands. Individualized focus will be provided on acquiring functional strategies in organization, study skills and increased comprehension.


Full-day (8:30-4pm), morning (8:30-12:30) or afternoon (1-4pm) drop off is available. Each day will include fun outdoor activity breaks and time for parent provided snacks and/or lunch. All CDC safety precautions will be in place for the safety of our staff and your child.


Let Burke Therapy help return your home to that much needed refuge for your children.

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