Executive Function Coach

Bonnie Jones graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1995 with a degree in psychology.  From there, she received her Master’s in Education in School Psychology in 2000 and her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in 2001, both from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Since then, she has been working with students ages 3-21 in public and private schools who have been referred for special education evaluation. In her 18 years as a professional in schools, she has performed psycho-educational evaluations for children with Autism, speech or language impairments, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, emotional disabilities, and intellectual disabilities.  

Bonnie specializes in not only targeting the needs of students with disabilities, but she is able to use the data gained in a psycho-educational evaluation to assist other professionals and parents in tailoring individualized educational programs. Her knowledge regarding a variety of assessment instruments that measure cognitive abilities, executive functioning, behavioral concerns, memory, and processing abilities allows her to look at children in a strength-based lens in addition to highlighting areas of growth. Burke Therapy is excited to offer this unique evaluative option to its existing community and private school partnerships and affiliations. 

Bonnie Jones


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