Children are born curious

Children are born curious, they are natural little scientists. Each child has their own built in desire to learn first-hand about the world around them.

Here are a few helpful tips and ideas to help young children become better observers within the world around them and within story books.

1. Help your child learn to monitor his or her own reading by listening carefully to ensure that he or she is reading accurately. If they are not, have them go back and "make it match". If you find your child is stuck on a word, see if asking any of the questions below will help:

"Will the picture help?"

"Will the first sound help?"

"What makes sense?"

If none of these questions help, tell your child the troublesome word so she/he can continue reading and enjoy the book.

2. Help your child find, identify and write sight words. There are so many wonderful teachers out there who frequently send home the core list of sight words being targeted throughout the school year. Using these lists, help your child find commonly used sight words in the books she/he reads with you. Write out target words and ask your child to identify how many letters each word has and graph them on a fun graph chart!

3. Help your child make connections to the stories you read together. As you read together, remind the child of shared experiences that you think of as you're reading. Ask your child what the story makes them think of. Making personal connections and drawing a child's attention to connections between books you have read together will support reading and writing development.

4. Create a "cut-up sentence" about a story you have read together!

* Discuss the story with your child and help them express an opinion about the book.

* Read your sentences together and then model how you can say words slowly to hear the sounds. Practice saying and writing words together.

* Mix your sentence strips up and put them back together in order to make the original sentence.

For more great activities and ideas to do with your children over the winter break, you can also check out has many great activities you can do together with your little scientist!

We hope you enjoy these tips and activities and come back soon for more ideas on how to continue to foster your child's development of early reading and writing skills!

Happy holidays from the Burke Therapy family!

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