It’s time to act!

Dear Fellow Parent,

It’s time to act!

On February 7, 2017, Governor Malloy released his proposed two-year State Budget. This budget poses great risks to our children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is incomprehensible that this budget has…

NO MONEY for graduates with intellectual and developmental disabilities---for the next two years!

If you have children graduating in the next two years, there is nothing in this budget for your family.

If you have younger children and think you can ride out the storm, think again. If we don’t speak out to prevent the creation of a two-year waiting list for day and employment programs, the trickle-down effect will last years.

Even those of us who have benefitted from years of day and employment programs for our adult children can’t take the continuation of these programs for granted. After a decade of stagnant funding, a two year waiting list threatens the very viability of this bare bones community provider system.

Your child’s future is at stake.

While waiting lists for residential services have continued to be a challenge, day and employment programs have always been seen and treated as a priority, and for good reason. Most graduates of Special Services programs can’t be left at home alone every day without serious risks to health, safety, and/or the loss of hard earned skills.

Speak Out with hundreds of other families.

Our next opportunity to SPEAK OUT will be with written testimony for the February 23rd Appropriations Committee Public Hearings on the Governor's Budget proposal for DDS.

Thank you for joining this fight for your children’s future!


George Kral, Guilford parent; Fay Lenz, Simsbury Parent; Fran Traceski, Canton Parent; Antoria Howard, Bloomfield Parent; Tom Smith, Avon parent; Eileen Comia, Weatogue parent; Ifeyinwa Onyiuke, Farmington parent; Larry Pollack, Avon parent; Rick Lenz, Simsbury Parent

Sharing your story: Tips for writing testimony

Your testimony should be your story, in your words. Why are you testifying? What do legislators need to know about you, your family, and the impact the Governor’s budget proposal will have on your lives?

You can email your testimony in Word or PDF format to If you feel comfortable doing so, include a picture of your family or loved one with I/DD to personalize your message. Please submit testimony prior to the hearing on Thursday, February 23, 2017.



Dear Honorable Members of the Appropriations Committee,

My name is name and I live in town. I am a parent/sibling/caregiver/friend of name of person with I/DD. I am testifying on the impact of the Governor’s budget on people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Briefly state why you are testifying. Why is this issue important to you? How would your family or your loved one with I/DD be impacted by the legislation? What other information do legislators need to have to make the right decision.

Please restore funding for day and employment services for new graduates!

And please support the Governor’s proposal to invest $3.8 million in the ID Partnership which will help people on the DDS residential waiting list, support developing more residential options for people with I/DD and stabilize community based supports.

Thank you for your time and efforts.






Contact Shannon Jacovino at or at 203 514-3028.

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