3 Fun Ways to Encourage Speech & Language Development at Home

The carryover of skills from the speech room to home is so important. Just like free throws in basketball or pitching in baseball, the more you practice a skill the better you get and the easier the target becomes to reach. Below are 3 activities to encourage your child to practice their speech/language goals at home in fun and easy ways.


  • Discuss all the ingredients you are going to need for your meal. Talk about what you are going to need “first”, “second”, “next”, and “last”. The more you can use sequencing words the better!

  • Categorize each ingredient. Example: green peppers are a vegetable; cheese is a dairy product, etc.

  • Look for their speech sounds in the ingredients and say each 5 times.

  • Talk about who you could invite over for dinner. Encourage your child to think about others by answering questions like: What would they want to talk about? What do you think they would want for dessert? Etc.

  • ENJOY A MEAL AS A FAMILY and discuss the events of the day, asking each other those key “wh” questions (who, what, where, when, why).


  • Not only is UNO a great way to work on color identification and matching, but it is an amazing tool to work on pragmatic skills, such as turn-taking.

  • Encourage and model phrases such as, “my turn” and “your turn”

  • Define and use words such as “reverse”, “skip”, and “draw”.

  • Discuss and categorize items that are red, green, blue, and yellow.


  • Look at the cover of the book and predict what the story is going to be about.

  • Encourage your child to make a sentence about the pictures they see throughout the story.

  • Ask those “wh” questions (Ex: Who is the story about?, What is he doing?, Where do you think they live? etc.)

  • If the story is at your child’s reading level, choral read – take turns reading every other page aloud.

  • If the story is slightly above your child’s reading level, echo read – read a line or small paragraph aloud and then have your child read the same line or small paragraph aloud. This helps to build fluency.

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