Burke Therapy of Suffield joins FECS

On Wednesday, April 26, Burke Therapy joined two dynamic and inspiring women, Jill Caron and Sue Davis founders of the FOUNDATION for EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN OF SUFFIELD (FECS) to help spread an important message on Autism-Related Wandering.

According to research provided by the National Autism Association, 49% of children with Autism wander or bolt from safe settings which is 4x the rate of unaffected siblings. 71% of wandering-related deaths are caused by drowning and 18% are caused by being struck by a vehicle.

ASD wandering is usually a form of communication - an "I need", "I want", or "I don't want". Individuals with ASD will wander or bolt to get to something of interest, or away from something bothersome. Children with ASD typically crave a variety of sensory input due to a dysregulated system. When a system is dysregulated it is difficult to focus on the important details that help make sense of the world around us.

Understanding your child's triggers, embedding "prevention tools" within your home and school settings, (i.e. Safety alert bands, noise dampening headphones, installing door chimes/alarms or self-latching gates and motion sensors) and staying on high alert are just a few of the safety strategies that will help keep your child safe.

Establishing a relationship with a trusted licensed Occupational and/or Speech Therapist to gain better understanding of your child's sensory profile as well as developing a functional form of communication to decrease your child's eloping or bolting episodes is critical. If you are interested in scheduling a complementary consultation with one of Burke Therapy's licensed Occupational or Speech Therapy clinicians, call Julie Burke at 203-414-3768 or email us at burketherapy@gmail.com.

Thank you again Sue and Jill for the invitation. With drive and effort like yours, the children of Suffield, CT are in much safer and more knowledgeable hands.

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