Tired of hearing “good” or “I don't know” every time you ask your child how was school?

September 7, 2017

US TOO! Here are some helpful tips and question ideas to get more information from your child about their school day, all while encouraging speech and language development. 

  1. Make sure to know your child’s special class schedule, including: gym, art, music, etc. and special school events (assemblies, field trips, etc.). Children love to talk about things they find “fun”, which often occurs in these special classes and events. Ask things like: what did you use in art today? (provide options like scissors, glue, paint, pencils, clay, etc.).

  2. Ask about lunch! – Who doesn’t love to talk about food? Questions can include: What was your favorite food in your lunch? Who did you sit by at lunch? Who do you think had the “best” lunch today?

  3. Be familiar with the classroom procedures. Ask about what their job is this day/week (provide options: line leader, table washer, etc.). Or ask questions about classroom rules and behavior charts: Did you have a green, yellow, or red day? What rule was the hardest to follow today? What rule was the easiest to follow today?

  4. Encourage a love for school by asking uplifting questions. Tell me something you did to help __ (insert a teacher or friend's name) today. What was one thing you did that made you happy today? What do you think is your best subject? What is something you did that made you proud today?

  5. Ask a question they can give an answer to: How would you rate your day today? Your older child can use a 1-10 scale or you can use a simple smiley face rating scale that you create together with your younger child. 

All of us at Burke Therapy hope you are off to a great start to the school year!





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