Before recycling those infamous toy catalogs... THINK SPEECH!

Don't fret that the holidays are right around the corner and you don't have your shopping complete... use those frequently occurring toy catalogs to add a fresh twist to your child's articulation or language practice or to start a

great conversation!

Here are some of our favorite toy catalog activities:


Find toys or items throughout the catalogs that start with your child's speech sound(s). See who can find 3 different items with the target speech sound and say them at the word, sentence, or conversation level.


Have your child pick a few of their favorite toys or games and spend time discussing the category or type of toy (i.e. electronic, sport, game, doll, etc.) and then describe the toy (including such things as: color, parts, shape, what it is made of, what it does, etc.)


After categorizing and describing two toys, talk about how the toys your child chose are the same and different. You can make a simple Venn Diagram (see below) to list out the similarities and differences. Remind your child to think of things that are the same/alike between each toy and what is different or not alike about the toys. Remind your child that we use the word "both" when discussing similarities... "they both are electronics". We DO NOT use the word "both" when discussing differences. Cutting out the pictures and having a side by side comparison can make it a little easier... and who doesn't like cutting & pasting? :)

Example Venn Diagram:


Thinking about others is what the holidays are all about. Encourage your child to think about a toy or gift a sibling, a neighbor, or their favorite cartoon character may like. Discuss why they think this person would like it and what they might say when they receive the item.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Burke Therapy!

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