While we invite you to meet with us and make your own determination regarding the quality services you will receive with Burke Therapy, we would like to share some of the kind words our clients have used to describe their experience working with our team.

"We were extremely happy with Burke Therapy and the way that they made us feel like a priority whenever we came.  They were very perceptive of our sons needs and got him to open up emotionally and helped him deal with the physical challenges that all growing boys deal with.  They were instrumental in helping us choose which direction to take his schooling and throughout the process were able to provide a ton of information regarding any special education services that would be available.  Very helpful for parents that may not know what services are available for which needs, especially today as we learn that all kids have different needs.  We're glad we went and will continue to look to them for any guidance in the future."

                 W & P. S.

                 Windsor, CT

"During the past three years, Julie Burke has provided speech and language services to many of our students who present with different profiles and needs. Julie works with students identified as emotionally disturbed, behaviorally disordered, intellectually disabled, or learning disabled. She has done well with each and every student regardless of the exceptionality. The students, many of whom possess significant issues such as anxiety, depression, and a lack of motivation, respond to her favorably. Encouraging older students to participate in speech and language sessions is something Julie does quite well. As is the case, students who are older will be resistant and lack motivation to work on these areas of need. Julie does an outstanding job in getting students to work hard. The benefits to all our students are quite evident".

Brian R. Morin

Educational Director

West Hartford, CT

Susan Stacey Hayes

Canton, CT

"Professional, knowledgeable, caring, responsive, and supportive. Our experience with Burke Therapy has been very positive. Their focus on evaluating our daughter in a comfortable and relaxed setting put us all at ease. Julie and Nicole knew immediately how to help our daughter with her speech and language and how best to guide my husband and me so we could continue the therapy at home. I highly recommend Burke Therapy!!"

"Working with Burke Therapy was an easy and great experience that provided me with peace of mind. Julie and Jaime personalized the services to our family and immediately engaged my shy child, which is hard to do! They provided a comprehensive assessment and a proactive plan to address all our concerns. Thank you!"

Gina M.

Simsbury, CT

"We have only had 6 sessions with Julie and the progress has been amazing!  We love, love Miss Julie and Burke Therapy!"

A. Roncari

Mother of Selective Mute

Windsor Locks, CT

"As a first time parent of an 18 month old with a speech delay we were in unchartered waters… and Julie and therapist Nicole guided us down a safe and successful path. Their patience and understanding of language development helped our son, Charles, find his own way, and before long, the patience and persistence has paid off. Our son, now 2 ½ is almost 100% up to speed. And his confidence and positive demeanor was never altered. To him, practice, persistence, and some fun language games have been just part of his development. Their kind hearts and great knowledge were paramount to our son’s life. We are eternally grateful."


Simsbury, CT

"Ellaine is a treasure and did a fantastic job getting my little one to open up!"


Simsbury, CT

"My child has received Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services from Burke Therapy for over two years and the results are simply amazing. Julie and her team are totally committed to each client’s every need, mentally and physically. One more thing, Julie brings reassurance and emotional support to us as parents in a world of new situations, terms and specialists that can be daunting and nerve racking. Thank you Julie and Pam!"


Canton, CT

"Hi Ladies,

I wanted to let you know that C has started doing speech therapy through our available school based town services.  We have had only two sessions so far but his speech therapist immediately noticed a large improvement over last spring.  She was so impressed with his progress.  Of course I told her how much we loved working with your group and that she should definitely recommend you to any family who asks.  C's teachers have noticed an improvement too.  I cannot thank you enough Jennie and Julie!"

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