Academic Tutoring 

Teresa Kucia
Learning Specialist

M.A. Special Education

Terri Kucia is a K-12 Certified Special Education educator who earned her degree in 1996 from the University of Saint Joseph. She did a yearlong internship as a Reading Specialist and took additional graduate classes in both reading and writing to advance her skills and knowledge. Before starting with Burke Therapy, Terri worked for The Hartford, New Britain and Newington public school districts.


Terri joined Burke Therapy in September 2015 as a way of continuing to fulfill her passion for working with children struggling to establish academic independence. Since starting in September, Terri's efforts and acknowledgements have not gone unrecognized.


Multiple families and local private and public school administrators celebrate her efforts by highlighting individual student growth patterns related to grade level increases, dismissal from RTI programming, and honor roll recognition. Terri has completed the VIRTUS training, a National Catholic requirement of the private Catholic School community. Burke Therapy is proud to be able to offer its families such an educated and compassionate professional.

Jennifer Thompson
Learning Specialist 
M.A. Education

Jennifer is a K-6, Certified Elementary School Teacher in both Connecticut and Massachusetts. Jennifer's passion for working with children, combined with her energetic personality, creates a positive learning environment for all her students and their families.

Jennifer brings to Burke Therapy a wide variety of experience providing high quality instruction utilizing research based interventions in the areas of mathematics and literacy. Through the use of these techniques, she is able to equip her students with the skills and tools needed for the learning experience to be ongoing and uninterrupted. Jennifer's s gift in identifying each individual student’s strengths and learning modality continues to make her top of her trade. We are so happy to have Jennifer as a part of our Academic Support Team. 

Marsha Adams
Support Specialist

M.S. Human Relations

If you or your child has been fortunate enough to work with Marsha, you will agree that her endearing spirit and love for children is infectious. Marsha brings 15 years of Paraprofessional experience to the Burke Therapy team. Throughout her tenure as a Paraprofessional, she has worked with a wide variety of children with various complex needs.


Marsha's true gifting is in her ability to motivate, support and implement specially designed programming under the guidance of certified professionals while working as a valuable part of each child's team of professionals and family members.  Marsha's experience includes working alongside both Occupational and Speech Therapy professionals supporting speech, language, behavior and sensory challenges commonly associated with mild disabilities such as Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), Emotional Disturbance (ED), mild Intellectual Disabilities (ID), Asperger’s syndrome, Autism, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Marsha’s strengths in positive behavioral interventions, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) (specifically Discrete Trial Instruction), assistive technology, and feeding support make her a strong resource for the entire Burke Therapy team.

Jennifer  Bonnett
Learning Specialist 
M.S. Education

Jennifer is a CT Certified Educator who brings 15 years of field work experience as a Geologist and classroom educator to the Burke Therapy Academic Tutoring team. Over the last 4 years, Jennifer has worked at the American International College tutoring graduate and undergraduate students in a variety of subject areas including: Physical and Biological Sciences, English,  Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, and specialty courses in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Health Science. 

Amanda Richter
Learning Specialist

M.S. Psychology

Over the past 15 years, Amanda's passion for working with young children and troubled adolescents has allowed her to develop a keen sense for how to identify "learning styles" and utilize existing strengths and talents within all. After receiving her Masters degree in Psychology, Amanda's professional path included working for the agencies of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Department of Youth Services (DYS). In these unique roles, Amanda utilized her educational and behavioral training, as well as counseling skills, to address and guide individual clients, students and their family toward their desired outcomes. 


Through her innate capacity for developing student study strategies and other internal strategies to help regulate levels of alertness, sustained effort, and self-monitoring behaviors; Amanda has had great success working with children and young adults challenged with deficits in the areas of executive functioning. Executive functioning is the mental process that enables us to plan, focus attention, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, control impulses and juggle the multitude of things life throws at us. Amanda's personal goal is so much more than just getting students across the finish line of high school with a diploma in hand.  Her enthusiasm lies in helping identify student passions and encouraging them to develop their own set of interests for leading a fulfilling and independent adult life. 

We are so happy to have Amanda as our newest member of the Academic Support Team. 

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